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Beacon Academy of Nevada

Beacon Academy Of Nevada, Las Vegas, 7360 West Flamingo Road, Las Vegas, NV 89147
School level: High School

Beacon Academy of Nevada (BANV) is a State Public Charter School serving students throughout Clark County. Enrollment is limited to students (16 – 21 years old) who qualify for alternative education as defined by NRS 385A.740. Qualifying criteria include being severely credit deficient, suspended, expelled, under court supervision, and/or having an IEP. Almost all (94%) of students enrolled at BANV are alternative education students, of whom 86.7% qualify for free or reduced lunch, 75% are credit deficient, 19% are adjudicated or have demonstrated chronic behaviors, 24% are eligible for special education services, and 24% of students qualify under multiple conditions.

Beacon Academy operates two campuses, the East Campus is located at 1800 East Sahara Avenue and the West Campus is located at 7360 West Flamingo Road.

At Beacon Academy, education begins with a focus on supporting our students. We provide a personalized, safe and respectful learning environment that fosters the conditions to be academically successful. Beacon Academy’s support system of instructional and Student Support Services staff, help students work through and overcome barriers to achieving their academic success. Our Social Workers, Counselor, College and Career Advisor and teachers work together with each student to provide social and emotional support in addition to the tools required to transition from high school to college and/or career.

  • Personalized Learning Plans: Each student is unique. We use a combination of academic history and MAP test results to determine the proper placement and graduation plan for each student.
  • Individualized Learning: Our students receive personalized attention and instruction from highly qualified teachers within small classroom environments. Students benefit from regular small group instruction and small classroom sizes.
  • Flexible & Self-Paced: In order to overcome social, emotional and economic barriers, we have an environment where students can complete high school with flexibility. Students create their campus schedule every nine weeks. This flexibility provides a scheduled time for students to commit and dedicate time and effort to academics.
  • Continuous Learning: Beacon Academy offers classes year round. Summer school is free for all students. Students have the opportunity to continue their progress towards graduation without interruption to catch up on credits or work at an accelerated pace throughout the year.
  • Growth & Assessments: Our students are assessed using MAP reading and mathematics tests three times per year. This regular monitoring allows us to remediate or accelerate a students academic plan. Students also participate in required state testing.

Sage Collegiate Public Charter School

4100 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89107
School levels: Elementary School, Middle School

We are unwaveringly dedicated to putting scholars on the path to college. We offer a rigorous literacy focus and ambitious reading goals. Sage Collegiate also offers an Enrichment program featuring coding, ASL, dance, music, and civic engagement. Every scholar holds the potential for achieving both exceptional behavior and academic excellence. We lead by example, educate, and maintain elevated standards for success for all scholars. We strike a balance of reliable routines, predictable practices, and joyous celebration. A partnership with Raise the Future lays the foundation for socialization and emotional management. Sage Collegiate families are deeply committed to the success of their scholars. We provide clear guidance on the roles and responsibilities that families play in the collaborative effort to prepare scholars for a college-bound future.

Vegas Vista Academy

5355 Madre Mesa Dr, Las Vegas, Nv, United States
School level: Elementary School

We believe ALL students and families deserve access to innovative, effective, and proven models of education to realize and unlock their potential. Vegas Vista Academy graduates will find future success as Inquisitive and Research-Based Critical Thinkers; Effective and Courageous Communicators; Socially Conscious and Community-Minded Leaders; and Goal-Oriented, Resolute and Motivated Lifelong Learners. With a student-centered focus, Vegas Vista Academy aims to be a community center of lifelong learning, strong support, and full social services for all of our stakeholders. Together, we will work to effect lasting positive change in our community.

TEACH Public Schools

4660 North Rancho Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89130
School levels: Elementary School, Middle School, High School

TEACH Public Schools are innovative, dynamic, creative, and educationally enriching institutions of positive-driven learning. We believe that all children can learn when taught well and given an opportunity. By looking consistently at our students and the data of our practices, our teachers and students will grow in their development and to great successes in the 21st century. We promote a relationship centered learning environment and believe in nurturing

TEACH Las Vegas will reach students of all backgrounds by teaching the entire child which includes the social, physical, emotional, and intellectual needs of the student. Upon graduation, the knowledge and the experiences acquired at our schools will be effectively applied to their daily life.

Explore Academy - Las Vegas

3551 Ferrell Street, North Las Vegas, Nv
School levels: Middle School, High School

The curricular approach and educational philosophy employed at Explore Academy is based on three core ideals: increased student accountability using a standards-driven system in course design and academic reporting, selectivity and student choice for all classes to promote both a customized and individualized form of education, and college preparation through the implementation of a curriculum which increasingly resembles and simulates college academics in structure, rigor, and content.

The school’s innovation is based on the premise that individuals best succeed when they are internally motivated through the power of personal choice, and that by offering a customized educational system where they can create their own curricular pathways, all students will show greater levels of success.

Board Member

Desired skills: Accounting, Diversity/Inclusion, Financial Services, Fundraising, Legal, Public Relations

Equipo Academy

4131 E Bonanza Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89110
School levels: Middle School, High School

Equipo Academy is a 6-12 college-prep public school for students in East Las Vegas.

The Commitment to Excellence. All students, families, and teachers commit to these high expectations as founders of Equipo Academy. By upholding these expectations, every student will work to and through the college of their dreams and become leaders and changemakers in the East Las Vegas community.

Battle Born Academy

2101 East Owens Avenue, Las Vegas, Nv
School levels: Elementary School, Middle School

BBA is a public charter school serving students and families in downtown Las Vegas and East Las Vegas. We serve students in K-8 grades. BBA is a tuition free charter school – it’s entirely free for students to attend and any child from the community can enroll!

At BBA, we believe students deserve a joyful education that prepares them lead and make change in our community. Our students love coming to school because they feel cared for, supported, challenged, and accomplished!

BBA opened in 2022 and will continuing growing each year until it serves more than 500 students and families. BBA focuses on social-emotional learning and community supports, leveraging a small-school environment to cultivate a joyful learning community. BBA uses project-based learning to allow students to explore, grow, and achieve.

Nevada Prep

1780 Betty Lane, Las Vegas, NV 89156
School levels: Elementary School, Middle School

Founded by a Clark County School District veteran teacher, Teach For America Corps member, and Nevada Building Excellent Schools Fellow, Nevada Prep opened its doors in Fall 2018 to serve students in East Las Vegas. The school focuses on communication and critical thinking skills and leadership development. Nevada Prep plans to grow a grade level per year until it is a fully-enrolled fifth through eighth grade school.

Nevada Preparatory Charter School (Nevada Prep) is a fifth-through eighth-grade public charter school and was designed based on an in-depth study of top-performing public schools across the nation and with feedback from hundreds of Las Vegas families.

Nevada Rise Academy

2525 Emerson Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89121
School level: Elementary School

Founded by a 14-year Clark County School District veteran teacher, Teach For America Corps member, and Nevada Building Excellent Schools Fellow, Nevada Rise opened its doors in Fall 2018 to serve students and families in East Las Vegas. Part of the school’s focus is on character development, parent engagement, and data-driven instruction. Nevada Rise plans to grow a grade level per year until it is a fully-enrolled kindergarten through fifth grade school.

At Nevada Rise Academy, we believe that every child, regardless of demographics or socioeconomic status, should have the opportunity to choose college and should have access to the foundation that will make that choice possible. We begin building that foundation on the first minute of the first day of kindergarten.

Futuro Academy East Las Vegas

920 North Lamb Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada 89110
School levels: Elementary School, Middle School

Futuro Academy, founded by Clark County School District veteran teacher, Teach For America Alumni, and Nevada’s first Building Excellent Schools Fellow, opened its doors in Fall 2017 in East Las Vegas. The Futuro model focuses on quality instruction and the use of data to teach strategically and support every student. Futuro is growing a grade level per year until it is a fully-enrolled kindergarten through eighth grade school.

Our model is inspired by the highest performing public charter schools in the nation.

Board Trustee - Finance

Desired skills: Accounting, Financial Services
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