Board Trustee - Finance
Futuro Academy East Las Vegas

Elementary School
920 North Lamb Boulevard, Las Vegas, Nevada 89110

Futuro Academy East Las Vegas

Position Governing Board Member - Finance/Accounting Background
Desired skills
Accounting, Financial Services
Openings Current, Upcoming
Our board Futuro Academy seeks to build a Board of Trustees that will change the future outcomes for ELL and socioeconomically disadvantaged students in East Las Vegas who enroll and attend.
Meetings Every 1-2 Months, Weekday Evening
Responsibilities In our desire to provide best in class support and oversight to the mission of Futuro Academy, it is important to get the best people at the table one at a time, but to always keep an eye on the greater whole of the board and committees’ strengths and needs. Trustees will regularly attend monthly meetings, lend their time and abilities, and act as fiduciaries and advocates of Futuro Academy Charter School.
Development In order to ensure we have the right people at the table at the right time, but that they also be properly informed as to be able to both perform fiduciary duties and be productive, we provide a streamlined method of recruitment and onboarding so prior board experience is not mandatory. Ongoing development in best practices, legal requirements and required governance training is continuously provided.
School level Elementary School
Our mission and vision

Through rigorous academics and personal excellence, Futuro Academy is a tuition-free charter school with teachers who believe that all students can achieve regardless of zip code as college preparation begins in Kindergarten and character education is crucial to long term success.