Explore Academy - Las Vegas

3551 Ferrell Street, North Las Vegas, Nv
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School levels Middle School, High School
Our mission and vision

Will provide each student with a personalized educational experience through the power of student choice, allowing each student to create a unique educational pathway in preparation for a college future.

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About us

The curricular approach and educational philosophy employed at Explore Academy is based on three core ideals: increased student accountability using a standards-driven system in course design and academic reporting, selectivity and student choice for all classes to promote both a customized and individualized form of education, and college preparation through the implementation of a curriculum which increasingly resembles and simulates college academics in structure, rigor, and content.

The school’s innovation is based on the premise that individuals best succeed when they are internally motivated through the power of personal choice, and that by offering a customized educational system where they can create their own curricular pathways, all students will show greater levels of success.


Board Member

Desired skills: Accounting, Diversity/Inclusion, Financial Services, Fundraising, Legal, Public Relations