Vegas Vista Academy

5355 Madre Mesa Dr, Las Vegas, Nv, United States
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School level Elementary School
Our mission and vision

Vegas Vista Academy breaks down the barriers set by traditional patterns of inequality through experience and education.  We facilitate equity and access for all to a data-driven, world class curriculum focused on academic excellence, community service learning, bilingual fluency, and outdoor experiential education.

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About us

We believe ALL students and families deserve access to innovative, effective, and proven models of education to realize and unlock their potential.  Vegas Vista Academy graduates will find future success as Inquisitive and Research-Based Critical Thinkers; Effective and Courageous Communicators; Socially Conscious and Community-Minded Leaders; and Goal-Oriented, Resolute and Motivated Lifelong Learners.  With a student-centered focus, Vegas Vista Academy aims to be a community center of lifelong learning, strong support, and full social services for all of our stakeholders.  Together, we will work to effect lasting positive change in our community.